Have you ever asked yourself how does a device convert electricity into motion? An electric motor is anything that turns electrical energy into mechanical energy. Usually, electric motors work because of the interaction between the magnetic field of the motor and winding currents, by that, it creates a rotation through the force it has generated. That is simply because electric motors work on Electromagnetism principle. Electric motors also work on reverse as a generator that converts motion into electricity.  

Electric Motor

An electric motor is very important, it helps our daily chores and task easier to accomplish. There are so many things that we use every day that involve using electric motors. One example is the food processor; it works with the same principle. The electric energy that flows from the outlet was converted into mechanical energy that causes the food processor’s machine to work to process the food. Another example is the electric fan; by using electrical energy from the electric source that converts into mechanical energy that it makes the blade on the fan rotates. There are still a lot more examples of some appliances that we use in our daily activities like a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, smartphones, microwave oven and etc.  

Electric Motors Have a lot of advantages than Engines:  

Low Initial Cost  

Electric motor’s initial cost is considerably lower than an engine that uses fossil fuel but usually produces the same Output Horsepower Rating. So, it is cheaper and safer to use electric motors compared to engines but you will get the same power you needed.  

No Need for Fossil Fuels  

Fossil fuels are very useful because they produce a huge amount of energy when they are exposed to heat. The heat energy that the fossil fuels contained was converted to electrical or mechanical energy that drives the engines. As we also know, that burning fossil fuel has a negative impact on our environment because of the huge amount of carbon dioxide it produces that causes climate change. An electric motor is much eco-friendlier than fossil engines because it does not require the use of fossil fuels, maintenance of engine oil, and especially in sub-zero temperature, electric motors do not freeze.  

Long Life Span and Low Maintenance  

The electric motor contains few moving parts, which is why it has an extensive operational lifespan. Also, electric motors are durable and only require minimal service requirements. It is more profitable since it has lower maintenance requirements and it is much easier to control.  

Efficiency and Safety  

Engines require frequent maintenance which is very complicated because it has a considerable number of moving parts. On the other hand, electric motors emit less noise than engines; there are no exhausts and flammable fuels that contribute safer work environment and has highly efficient ratings ranging 50% up to 90%.  

Automated Control  

Installing automated controls is easier so that electric motors can be operated with a higher quality of automatic and remote functions.  


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